The Marcel Pagnol French School Abuja is part of a network of 522 French schools around the world that reports to the AEFE (the Agency for French Education Abroad), a public operator under the supervision of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The AEFE, in its pedagogical and educational mission of managing schools, works in close relationship with the French Ministry of National Education, which makes teaching and administrative staff available to the schools. All these staffs are experienced French civil servants, trained and controlled by the French National Education.

The Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Action is the local authority representing the two ministries, through a delegation by the French Ambassador. 

The school is supervised in terms of pedagogy, school organization and examinations by the Principal of the school, assisted by a teacher for training purposes for the Primary, a Principal Education Counselor for the Secondary and an Administrative and Financial Director for financial and material matters.

Decisions concerning these areas are debated in a representative body: The School Council.

The management of the school is carried out by a Management Committee emanating from the managing association of the school: the AEFMPA, which is responsible for its maintenance, the facilities and the staff.

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